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Edit a benefits plan

Edit a benefits plan

For Admins

You can edit a benefits plan. The options and selections in the Plan Details section are the same for all types of benefits plans. Other plan options are specific to the type of benefits plan.

To edit a benefits plan

  1. On the  Benefits page, select the Plans tab.

  2. Select View for the plan category, for example, Medical, Vision, etc.

  3. Select … More Actions > Edit Plan for the plan to edit.

  4. In the Plan Details section on the Step 2 page, make changes as desired.

    1. Update the Plan Name and Plan ID.

    2. Update the Deductions End date (the Deductions Begin date cannot be changed even if the plan is not yet active).

    3. Update the Plan Website.

    4. Update benefits documents for the plan. See Update benefits plan documents.

  5. At the bottom of the Step 2 page, make changes as desired. The available options will depend on the type of benefits plan.

    When editing a Medical, Vision, Dental, or Other plan, if you remove a coverage type that is currently assigned to employees, make sure to select a new coverage type for those employees on the Step 3 page.

  6. At the bottom of the page, select Continue to move to the Step 3 page.

  7. Add or remove employees from this benefits plan or select coverage for each employee. See Add employees to a benefits plan and Remove employees from a benefits plan.

  8. Select Complete when done.


Last updated: June 20, 2022
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