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Remove employees from a benefits plan

Remove employees from a benefits plan

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You can remove employees from a benefits plan.

The steps for adding employees from a benefits plan are similar. See Add employees to a benefits plan.

To remove employees from a benefits plan

  1. On the  Benefits page, select the Plans tab.

  2. Select View for the plan category, for example, Medical, Vision, etc.

  3. Select Add/Remove Employees.

    Alternatively, you can select … More Actions > Edit Plan for the plan to edit, and then at the bottom of the Step 2 Plan Details page, select Continue.

  4. Clear the Name checkbox to remove all current employees from this plan.

    Alternatively, select the checkboxes next to the names of specific employees you want to remove from the plan. If necessary, you can filter the list of employees, or search for a specific employee by name.

    Benefits plan - add or remove employees page showing three employees, one who is not enrolled in the plan, and two who are

    • To filter the list, click Filters. Expand the Department, Employment Status, or Job Title sections and choose one or more options in each section. Select Update to display matching employees.

    • To search for an employee, type a full or partial name in the Search employee name field.

  5. Select Complete when done.


Last updated: June 20, 2022
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