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Record my hours worked

Record my hours worked

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You are responsible for recording your time and submitting all hours worked for approval at the end of each pay period (the pay period may be weekly, biweekly, twice a month, or monthly, depending on your company policy).

You can edit or delete your time entries up until you submit your hours for approval. See Edit my hours worked and Delete my hours worked.

Your manager can make adjustments to your hours after you have submitted them for approval.

To record your hours worked for the current pay period

  1. Select  Attendance.

  2. On the My Hours tab, select Add Time.

  3. On the Add Time form, make the following selections:

    1. Select the date.

    2. Type the start time and end time (including AM or PM). Make sure your time entry includes any paid or unpaid breaks taken that day.

    3. If you took an unpaid break, select the Yes radio button, and then type the starting time for the break and the number of minutes. To add another unpaid break, select Add Unpaid Break and fill out the fields for the additional break. You can add as many breaks as needed.

    4. Optional: type a comment to describe the work you performed today.

  4. Select Submit.

    Your submitted time entries are shown on your My Hours tab.


Last updated: June 28, 2022
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