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View and export benefits enrollment reports

View and export benefits enrollment reports

For Admins

You can view and export benefits enrollment information for each type of benefits plan and each type of coverage. Make selections on the Reports page to filter the information. Active plans are those that are currently active. "Starting Soon" plans have not yet started.

To view and export benefits enrollment reports

  1. On the  Benefits page, select the Reports tab.

  2. Select View for the plan category, for example, Medical, Vision, etc.

    The Summary displays the number of employees enrolled in the plan and the monthly company and employee costs. By default, all active plans and coverage types are displayed.

  3. Make selections to filter the enrollment report:

    • Select an available plan type from the following categories: "All Plans," an "Active" plan type, a plan that is "Starting Soon" or an "Expired" plan.

    • Select which coverage types are shown: All Coverage Types, or select a specific coverage type such as Employee + Family.

  4. Scroll down to view the enrollment report on the screen.

  5. Select Export to export the information to a CSV file.

    The report is downloaded to your computer's default downloads location and opens automatically in your computer's default application for CSV files (such as Excel or Google Sheets). Use standard functions in your spreadsheet program to view or sort the information as needed.


Last updated: June 30, 2022
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